Swamphouse Press

Swamphouse Press is a collaboration between Brendan Williams-Childs and Mar Stratford. We make zines focusing on the intersection of LGBT lives, nerd interests, and The Internet. Sometimes we get political, sometimes we get spooky. 

The following is just a small sample of our work.

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all ur least faves are trans

Collage, 8x11 paper folded into a 6 page mini booklet.

8 perzines about transition and serial killer films.  

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leaving the cult of lovecraft

InDesign, with hand-drawn cover and details by Jay Ross.

Cultural criticism, comedy, and book recommendations for those grappling with enjoying the Cthulhu mythos in popular culture but not enjoying H.P. Lovecraft's notorious racism.


red and green

Collage booklet, hand-made. 12 pages, 8x11. 

A political perzine about conservatives, conservationism, and family.